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Fiction Camp for Grownups! Make a Scene

FICTION CAMP: Make a Scene

What does a toddler do when he wants attention? Makes a scene. What does a writer do? Makes a scene! Scenes are the building blocks of stories, novels, and memoirs, but how do we get them to grab and keep a reader’s attention while still building character and advancing plot? In this workshop, we’ll spend each class session focusing on one of the four elements that make up a scene: action, dialogue, description, and interiority. We’ll look at stories by expert scene builders, discuss the nuts and bolts of these four methods, then work on crafting our own. Come to class with a work in process or spend the week writing your next page turner.

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Left Margin Lit 1st Annual Book Pitch Party

GET YOUR PITCH ON at Left Margin LIT’s First Annual Book Pitch Party!

Do you have a book idea you’re cooking up? A novel you’ve been noodling over? A tale you’re itching to tell? A how-to that can be only written by you?

On a festive Friday evening at Left Margin LIT, present your book idea to a pair of industry insiders! You’ll get insta-feedback that you can put into action right away, such as:

-shaping your story for the readership.
-developing an attention-getting pitch. 
-finding an agent or publisher.
 -and more!

Here’s how it works . . .

 You'll get three minutes on the stopwatch to pitch your book idea. This can be a standard verbal elevator pitch, or you can read from a query letter. Really sell it to Laura and Melanie!

After your pitch, our hosts will share on-the-spot feedback and suggestions for making your book a strong contender for publication and future bestseller-dom.

At the end of the evening, the book pitch winner will be crowned and win a $150 gift credit to a Left Margin LIT program or class.

This event is perfect for fiction and nonfiction writers in all stages of their book development. (YA and speculative fiction are also okay.) You might have a full manuscript, or just a nugget of a spark of an idea—either way, at our book pitch, the focus is entirely on the way you sell your story. 

Publicly pitching your book is not for the faint of heart, so if you'd rather watch and glean some wisdom from Melanie and Laura's feedback for other aspiring authors, enroll at the $30 level. We'll make sure you're entertained and well-fed!

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